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Notes of guidance for students & parents/guardians
Bus Pass Information
The consumption of food and drink is not allowed in the vehicle. If there is litter it should be disposed of in a responsible manner by the student. Smoking is not allowed on any vehicle. Students should never try to operate doors on buses/coaches unless it is an emergency.
Do not get up from a seat until the vehicle has  stopped moving. Should there be any concerns about the transport or equipment which is provided, please contact New Horizon Travel Tel; 01206 255255    or      Essex County Council.
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New Horizon Travel Ltd  As public service vehicle operators we are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure the security, safety, dignity and comfort of pupils in our care. All our vehicles including home-to-school transport vehicles are kept to the highest standard and subject to stringent inspections by the Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) with a daily safety check and safety inspections being carried out by our own workshop every 4-5 weeks.  All our staff including drivers are fully trained and hold a current CRB approved Badge. What should students do when the vehicle arrives ? Students should aim to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time shown on the timetable. All students must make sure that they have their pass before leaving home. When the vehicle arrives they need to have the pass ready and show it to the driver when boarding the vehicle. When on board the vehicle students should immediately find a seat. Where seat belts are provided they must be worn. No ticket — No ride If a student does not produce their travel pass they will be unable to board the contract bus and possibly have to pay the full fare to be allowed travel. This is non refundable. This policy was introduced to prevent over crowding and provide safe, seated transport for students with a legitimate place on the bus. Please make sure that alternative travel arrangements are available if a student is unable to board the vehicle. We appreciate that there may not be anyone at home so to cover this eventuality parents/guardians should make sure their child is aware of who they should contact in the event of them being unable to travel on the bus or for any other emergency. What should you do if your pass is Lost or Damaged ? If a pass is lost or damaged it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. You need to contact our student department Tel; 01206 255255 who will issue a replacement pass upon a payment of £10.00 (the charge covers administration costs) payment can be made by credit/debit card over the telephone or by prior arrangement payment to the driver. A replacement pass will normally be with the driver on the next morning transport. All passes are non refundable. What should students do if the vehicle is late ? In the unlikely event of the transport running late, students should wait at the pick up point for 30 minutes before making alternative arrangements. If possible after waiting for 5 minutes you should telephone our office for further instructions. Once onboard the vehicle students should always follow the instructions given by the driver and should not leave the vehicle without permission of the driver.    If any student leaves the vehicle against the drivers advice, they do so at their own risk. What are students allowed to do on the vehicle and what if students are disruptive ? Parents/guardians are responsible for the students safety and behaviour before they get on the vehicle, during the journey and after they leave the vehicle. They will be informed if students harass or bully others, fight, are offensive, cause vandalism or throw objects.  If students cause damage to the vehicle or other property the cost of repairing the damage will be charged to parents/guardians. Remember students may lose their right to use school transport if they misbehave and parents/guardians may have to pay for alternative transport. We want students to enjoy their journey to school. However, parents/guardians should encourage their child to refrain from distracting the driver as this could put passengers and other road users at risk. Not all vehicles are fitted with seatbelts. Therefore, for the health and safety of all passengers, please impress upon your child the importance of remaining seated throughout the journey. Can I claim a refund for my pass ? As a general rule once a pass has been issued all money paid towards that pass will be non refundable, however in certain circumstances such as the pass is cancelled and returned to our office before the start date then a refund may be issued. No refunds will be issued for part use of a period. Any refunds issued will be subject to an administration fee of £25.00
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